Freaking out over video

Video marketing is all the rage these days. I took to in the same way my cat, Bart, takes to getting into the carrier for a trip to the Vet. Not good. Lots of struggling to break free of the inevitable.

Video is the new Black

I read.  I know that YouTube is the second largest search engine.  I know that video increases engagement and loyalty.  The facts are all there– video is the new black when it comes to marketing.  Everybody is figuring out how to add video to their marketing plans.  Me, too.

Except, I’m pretty shy.  Pretty ironic isn’t it that someone who makes  her living speaking is shy.  I really hate to hear my voice or see videos of me working.  I hear plenty of famous actors feel the same, so I’m in good company.  Thankfully, the Universe was having none of my foolishness.

The Universe presented opportunity after opportunity for me to dip my toe into the rushing river of moving images until I succumbed.  That’s the smart move, you know.  Don’t resist what is- that’s the foundation of happiness.

Compassion & Comfort

Once I realized the idea of video wasn’t going away, I looked for ways to give myself compassion & comfort. These days that means repeating a mantra.  This time it was ‘let go’.  And, I did.  I let go of expectations to do an amazing job,  comparisons to what others have done, and most importantly, to the outcome- what will happen as a result of finishing the videos for my new course.

It’s this baby step approach, and a few important tools, that got me to where I am now.  Eager to make a video everyday for 21 days.  That’s how long it takes to make a habit.  Even if I only do half the days I’m sure my confidence and skill will increase.  You can tell me if I’m dreaming here.


Superior Knowledge

The other tool I used was superior knowledge.  Did you know women feel most powerful when they feel knowledgable about a topic?  I’m no exception.  So, I set out to find a good course on making videos and found a great one, 7 Tips for Hot Looking Videos by Udemy instructor, Mimika Cooney.

Fabulous course!  It’s so comprehensive.  It walks you through each part of making a video from writing the video script to recording using what you’ve got to how to present well on camera.  Her lighting lessons are legendary.  Not only does she take the mystery out of being well lit, she shows you how to use natural light and angles to achieve a polished video, if that’s what you have available.

My office is dark because of how my house is situated, even though I have two windows. Following Mimika’s DIY advice allowed me to shoot in my office without too many shadows.  No advice for how to vanquish the perpetual shine on my forehead but then again, she’s not a miracle worker and the advice wasn’t specifically designed for people of color.

One of the things I really appreciated was her equipment recommendations.  I got the best lav mic at a great price thanks to a tip from Mimika.  (Try the Audio Technica Lav mic on Amazon for $20!)  And, when I’m ready to step up to the soft light boxes, I’ll know which to get. That’s a ton of stress relieved right there!

Here’s me using Mimika’s tips during a Women of Coworking Chronicle

Definitely check out

7 Tips for Hot Looking Videos*


*I feel so strongly about the course I became an affiliate. Not something I do lightly or often.

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