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Today, I’m excited to launch the Women of Coworking Chronicles in celebration of Internation Coworking Day!

You already know that I consider myself a coworking enthusiast and what my first day of coworking was like. Now, it’s my pleasure to share with you some of the fabulous women who are making coworking great, and all their own.

This series was inspired by the kind, welcoming and knowledgeable women I met as I began my research to create my own coworking space in Oakland, CA, the Hacienda (working title).

I got a bit overwhelmed and thought, ‘boy, I wish I could just ask somebody’. So, I did. I reached out to Susan Salidar, editor of OfficingToday, who was so gracious. I mentioned my idea of interviewing women operators and she graciously shared her network.

That’s how I met Jen Ross of W@tercoolerHub in Tarrytown, NY. She runs a crazy fun place and immediately agreed to be interviewed. (Watch for Jen’s upcoming interview) She also graciously suggested friends to call.

Then Ashley Proctor clued me in to all the great Canadian coworking spaces run by women. And, the ball got rolling. (Ashley’s interview is coming so stay tuned!)

Today, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I’ll feature the startup story of a different gal-run or founded coworking space. I invite you to come back to see them all. Enjoy my interview with Felena!

Felena Hanson of HeraHub.com


The remainder of the interviews will be posted here as they are ready.  If you know a fab women space owner we should feature, please shoot me a note at Dina at SpeakupPowerfully.com

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  1. Dina Eisenberg
    4 years ago

    So glad you enjoyed it, Rochelle. These are amazing women who have so much to share.

  2. Rochelle Spencer
    4 years ago

    Coworking is where it is at! Thanks, Dina, for this post! :)

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