Feel Deserving, Raise Your Prices

The difference between failure and success is often measured in your willingness to take a risk.- Dina Eisenberg

Stay with me.  This might get bumpy.

Warning Soloproneurs: Risk!

Nobody likes to take a risk.  Actually, untrue.  Daredevils and adventure-seekers do like to take risks.  Most people- uh, not so much.  In fact I read a study today about women entrepreneurs that said women are way less likely to take a risk compared to men.

That’s not earth-shattering, but it did make me think about why your prices are very likely less than they should be.  It feels asking for your true worth is taking a risk?  You’re not certain how your clients would react.

Am I right?

I see so many women entrepreneurs who hesitate raise their prices, including my own clients.  It kills me.

Doubting Thomasina

You do your best work, investing yourself fully in your clients needs and resolving their issues.  Yet when it comes time, you mumble the price, or seem confused. Or  under-price…just to be sure you get the work or keep the client happy.

I hear your inner voice worrying,

  • Will my client be mad?
  • What will he think  of me? Greedy.
  • I don’t need that much I could charge less
  • It only takes me…who would pay that much or that?

What if You Could Never Be Deserving?

What if you could quiet that inner critic (who is there to protect you but sometimes goes Rambo) and feel like there was no risk in charging what you deserve. That you could raise your price without concern?

Exactly.  I wanted some of that too.  Check out this video by Pamela Bruner, well known tapping for small business expert.  She a whiz at teaching you how to overcome mental blocks easily and consistently.




I say that because getting past your social conditioning around money is like gum stuck in your hiking treads- it takes a while to get it all out.  You have to develop practices that you can use when something bites your butt.

It’s not very woo woo, and even if it is, what do yo care if it helps you?  Tapping allowed me to rid myself of a growing fear of flying- fast and permanently.  A little discreet tapping  and I’m good to fly- even with turbulence.

Tap it out

As your Sherpa, I tap myself.  I tend to tap not to get money, but instead to keep the attitude I need to do the work to make money.  So,  I tap to stay focused.  To have the courage to email people.  To stop endlessly revising (jury’s still out)

Tapping is easy to do and not hard to learn. (Pamela has how-to videos on Youtube)  At the worst, consider tapping a chance to meditate for a couple of minutes daily, which is good for your heart anyay.

At best, tapping is a way to channel the negative emotions that keep you from taking risks and earning what you deserve.


Have you tried tapping in your micro-business or as an entrepreneur?  Tell us about it, will ya?

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  1. stef
    5 years ago

    I’m actually sort of anti woo woo, so this works for me. I love the gum in the hiking treads metaphor. Truth!

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