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TV is can be very educational. Really. Of course, I’m not talking about reality TV shows, or even the public broadcasting channel that’s filled with learning. I mean popular shows. Let me explain.

My thing is teaching entrepreneurs, step by step, what to do in a sticky client dilemma and what to say to their clients (and themselves) to feel better and move on. My mentoring is private to protect my clients so when I need examples for a talk or a new course, I turn to television.

Television gets a bad rap but the writing on some shows is superb. I especially love The House of Cards and Game of  Thrones.  TV offers a myriad of  spot-on examples when I want to illustrate how someone can grow their emotional intelligence in a concrete way.

Walking Dead and Revolution (to a lesser degree) are two of my favorite shows that dramatize how characters grow from one understanding of the world to an entirely different one, and along the way become better people (usually- King Joffrey  is devolving into something much less than a person).

Do you watch Walking Dead, the post-apocalyptic zombie show?  I love it.  After watching so many seasons of Face Off it’s fun to see zombie makeup on TV.  Anyhoo, let’s look at one of the major characters, Andrea the civil rights attorney.  Her story arc is magnificent. Andrea starts as a do-gooder lawyer terrified by the changes after the virus hit and who considers suicide the best solution.  Her world is all black and white, but the life and death choices pile up.  Do you kill anyone you don’t know?  What’s the value of human life when nobody is making them anymore?  You see her dilemma.

Andrea can’t accept what happens and spends much of her time bumping up against her own self-image, her views on community and killing and her definition of ‘a good person’. Fascinating to TV watch and such a thought-provoking way to explore one’s dark side ( under what circumstances would you kill to protect yourself from a potential threat? We all have a breaking point.)

To avoid spoiling it for those who want to watch the series, I won’t say more about what happens to Andrea, except that her journey comes full circle.  It story reminds me of a willow. It  sways and bends when bothered by the wind.

I’ve had to bend and let go of some dearly held beliefs to move ahead as a solopreneur.  Like, I can do it all.  No one does this better than me.  I can learn anything (well, that’s still mostly true). Those aren’t true anymore.  The minute I admitted that  I needed help and liked it- boy, help came out of the woodwork.  In big and small ways folks stepped in and I’m eternally grateful.  To them, yes, but also to the universe for putting them in my path.  All that yoga I’ve been doing is stretching my than my butt.

I’m curious. What TV show have you learned lessons from?

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