Change your (negative) Energy

I’m always talking about entrepreneurs must make connection with clients but how about connecting with the universe? You are nothing but energy rolled up in skin.  Really.  That’s what makes the world- positive and negative energy.  So it stands to reason that you can influence how you feel by tapping into that larger energy field.

Exploring EFT

I’ve discovered a way to improve my life that I want to share: EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique.  You can read more about it at Getting Thu or Pamela Bruner’s Make Your Success Easy site.  Essentially, it’s a fast, easy way to release negative energy or emotions that are holding you back.

Better yet, why not experience the sense of peace, relief and hope that’s possible with EFT.  I recently discovered Dr. Phillip Mountrose and his work. This is a video demonstration of his ‘Miracles Reframe’, which opens you up to the idea that you- yes, you!- could receive a miracle right now to resolve an issue.

Holistic Dr. Phil explains Miracle Reframe EFT

Why is this important to you and your business?

What you think about you bring about to quote Michael Beckwith, a New Thought minister featured in the book and movie, the Secret.   If you’re spending your days doing busywork, pretending that you’re taking action while fearing it, honey, somewhere in there are negative thoughts gnawing at you.  You won’t be able to find your success until  you move your thoughts to a higher level.

EFT is a tool to do that.  I like it because it opens me up to possibility, and reminds me I don’t have all the answers (or any, if you ask my kids).  And, it’s easy to do wherever I am.

I know this works.  You get results.  It’s saved my travel life.  I developed a huge fear of flying after being on the road for years.  I was a real white-knuckler who balked at the first mention of turbulence.  Honestly, I turned down work over this.  Until I discovered EFT.  I was amazed how well it calmed my fears and increased my comfort.   I do my tapping in the terminal, as I board and again in my seat.  Nothing elaborate and the only person who notices is my hubby. And, it works.

I do the same in my business.  I tap to enable myself to take actions that make more sales, grow my exposure and make more money.  It’s not a magic wand, people.  It’s a tool that lets you adjust your emotions like using a wrench to release a stuck bolt.

Try it and let me know how things worked for you in the comments


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