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Happy International Women’s Day! I’m throwing a great big hug on my sister entrepreneurs wherever you are. I was watching the Girls video by Beyonce the other day. You know what? We run the world!

This edition of Okay What Now, my peek inside the businesses and lives of solopreneurs that I admire as Fearless Thought Leaders, I’m delighted to introduce you to Edie Thomas Clarke of Virtually in Sync, where your video and video event needs are met.




Edie is a solopreneur who took a leap of faith to enter the virtual assistance world and open her business to support authors, speakers, trainers and coaches with social media or video services. I’m pretty excited to work with Edie to create my video so look for it!

What we most connected over, besides the fact that it’s is crucial to have the right mentor, is that we both fulfilled a life long dream.  I moved from the east cost to the west coast.  Edie became a video mogul!    Definitely listen to the end when she answers my surprise question and gives everyone a gift.

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Edie Clark

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Edie Thomas Clarke on 2013-03-06 at 11.11

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