Discovering your ideal client – 3 tips for Success

It’s not enough to attract clients. You want to attract clients that resonate with you. That can be kinda confusing so here’s my earlier post on how to start attracting your ideal client.  I call it client-spotting.

Client-spotting is a discovery process, just like finding that perfect pair of jeans. You’re gonna try on a lot of clients. Some will be too needy. Others too bossy. A few will be cracked. But eventually, you’ll begin to see a pattern that you like emerge.

I discovered while working with corporate types that I really value clients who are progressive thinkers. You know, companies that want to try something new and were filled with people who thought the same way. That so gets me percolating with great ideas.  Which makes me very excited and happy.

That got me thinking: how could I replicate that result?  I mean, who doesn’t want a great client who pays well and inspires ya?

So I developed these tips, which work whether you’ve had 100 clients or none.  You’re free to take ‘em for a test spin.


What is my ideal client like?

Name 8 adjectives that describe a client (or prospective client)  that makes you very happy.

(Example: funny, determined, imaginative, respectful, honest, direct, productive and action-oriented!)

List 5 behaviors or attitudes that make you nuts.

(Example: withholding information, being unappreciative, being lazy, whiners/complainers, non-payers, being indecisive

Describe in detail the very best work/client related experience you ever  had.

(Note: write this down and re-read it for clues!)


It’s really helpful to see what others are thinking, so I’d appreciate it if you shared your lists in the comments.  Many thx!

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  1. Nubia
    1 year ago

    I’m with Victor, though I’m sure we’d all agree that lraedeship has many different forms and levels. Some people have a talent or gift for lraedeship that is easy to identify, while in others tends to be more latent or dormant depending on whether they have been encouraged. Case in point: I was leading our creative team at church and asked someone to be on the team who was not an evident leader. His profile up to that point had been to stay in the background although he was serving. I felt there was something more in him and brought him onto the team and encouraged him and discovered an eagle! He just needed someone else to see it and let him know about it. His level of engagement, creativity and lraedeship went through the roof in a short amount of time. I wonder if that is what Jesus saw in Peter?

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