Needy, Difficult, Disorganized Clients, Oh MY!

Demanding clients are a way of life for consultants, coaches, VAs, web designers or any freelance or independent worker.  People will try your patience. But you don’t have to settle for feeling disrespected or pressured.

 Speak up

That’s the central premise for my life’s work and SpeakupPowerfully.  You can speak your own truth and say what matters to you because it’s YOUR business. And, I mean that in both the literal and figurative sense.  You rule.

You might not exactly how to do that. Totally understandable when you think about it.  We’re told from the time we’re knee-high to a grasshopper to turn to others to solve problems.  First, your parents, then your teachers, then the boss.  So, now that you’re the boss, you might be looking for that ‘missing manual’.

That’s what I’m here for. To share my expertise as a mediator and conflict expert so you know how to speak up for yourself.  Also to share my experiences and lessons  as I  transformed from a huge people-pleaser to a generous, powerful, successful entrepreneur over the last two decades. (Happily, it won’t take you that long-lol)

Here’s my take on a few of the universal difficult client types or situations.  See if you recognize any and feel free to add your own twist in the comments.

3 Difficult Client types

How do you know?

  • S#!* came up-Your client lives in chaos and wants to you to do the heavy lifting
  • Micro-managing you to death- Your client is hyper-attentive, has an opinion/ideas/suggestions and wants you to do it her way
  • Got you on speed-dial- Your client has a gazillion questions or updates and wants to share immediately.



How do you know?

  • Nitpicks your contract- Your client reviews & changes your usual agreement
  • Has terrible ideas/taste- Your client insists you do it their way, even though you know better
  • Holds hostage- Your client gets more from you with promises of future work or referrals

How do you know?

  • Scope creep- Your client adds small things to your to-do list that weren’t negotiated for
  • No direction or feedback- Your client dumps the project/task in your lap and walks away
  • Can’t/won’t make up her mind- Your client gives you the vaguest idea and can’t make suggestions or choose amongst the ones you give her

Being aware is half the battle, I say.  So now, you have a name and some behaviors so you can spot the types that you attract.  Yes, if you find you always get the needy client, then you’re probably doing something to attract that type (kinda works like men-lol).

Barbara Saunders, the host of Solo Pro Radio- the only resource for self-employed professionals to grow their business, invited me to talk about why speaking up in these situations is crucial and how to handle these gems.

You’re invited to listen in!    

Thursday, October 11   at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST. Listeners can tune in LIVE on the stations website at   You can call into the show at 561-422-4365.

PS Of course, you can hear this radio program later.  But definitely try to join in live. You’ll be able to ask questions and I’ll have a special goodie for those who attend!

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