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Is your brand, your business as protected as you think?

Imagine this.  Your business is growing.  All your hard work marketing  your brand on social media and your website are starting to pay off.

You’re earning good money.  Then you get a scary email–a demanding ‘cease and desist’ letter from someone who say you stole their name, logo, brand… What do you do?

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 with one of the nation’s leading legal advocates. Listen in as she explains:


  • Your step-by-step plan of what to do if you get a dreaded ‘cease & desist’ email
  • How to make sure someone isn’t borrowing on your brand right now
  • The language you need to include when you JV or sponsor an event
  • When it’s time to call in an experienced trademark litigator

You’ll get access to the Jiffy Expert Interview series- everything you need to know to run a successful business in a Jiffy (that’s about 20 minutes).  We cover the essentials things that might not make it up your ‘to-do’ list like terms and conditions for your website or how to raise your income easily!  You’ll also get my monthly ezine, Speak up Revolution, as  another gift.