Contract Writing for Solopreneurs!

Discover  proven strategies to create contracts & client relationships that work for you.

Having truly wonderful clients that are fun & satisfying to work and pay  well with isn’t good luck and it doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s a choice.   You can fill up your business with ‘whatever’ clients, the ones who aren’t right but will do for right now.
Or, you can consistently attracts the appreciative, reasonable clients who work for you- your best client!  Your contract is one part of that 3 part system
It’s easier to enjoy your clients and have a profitable business  than you think-click to learn how!

Take the mystery and worry out of  your contract by answering essential questions like:

  • Why your contract doesn’t protect you as much as you think.
  • What are contract basics and which clauses to add to make yours extra-ordinary.
  • Which contract is your ‘workhorse’ and the other agreements you want in your back pocket.
  • How to communicate clearly so clients understand your rules and expectations.
  • How to put an end to lawsuits before clients ever think of suing.
  • The best way to nip payment  and cancellation problems in the bud.

PLUS….A sample contract to get you started!  ALL FREE as your gift!
Transform the ickiest part of business into a moment of connection, trust and excitement that delights your clients and protects you and your business with this 32 page ebook featuring worksheets and a sample agreement.

Contract Writing Made Easy for Solopreneurs!  ebook
Contract Writing Made Easy for Solopreneurs! ebook
We take the mystery and worry out of your contract! Includes step-by-step instruction on how to set boundaries and craft your own agreement BONUS sample contract
Price: $49.00