Great ideas for creating your signature talk when you don’t know how

This topic really resonates with me. Entrepreneurs are always in flux. Speak up is in transition now. I’m in the process of redefining my work, audience and my products and services. It’s been a few years so I’m due to re-evaluate. When did you last rethink your business?

Speak up Nation Rocks

I’m a huge fan of community and collaboration. No surprises, there, after all I’m a mediator. We want everyone to get along. I saw a license plate that said: ‘Mediators do it ’til everyone is satisfied’. How true :)

That’s why I get so excited when it works. The tribe over at the Nation are having a great conversation based on a member question: How do I create a signature talk.  If you were wondering the same thing, today’s your lucky day!

Here’s what went down on Google+ . Come on over and join us!

Great Ideas for Creating Your Signature Talk

Thoughts from Kathy Henderson-Sturtz, Success Mentor at

I think there’s always a way to create a signature presentation based on what your passion is and services you offer. Takes some dedicated discovery time, thinking, choosing, and tweaking! It’s also common that your signature presentation will change and evolve over time…just as you and your clients/prospect do.
I’m in that transformation mode with mine right now. In the past, my “signature” speech wasn’t just one but several that I offered. Those are still viable, especially my most popular “How to See Past a Room Full of Elephants,” which is about discovering our hidden barriers, those things that keep us stuck. It’s the 1st in my “It’s a Jungle in There” series. And I loved leading my Idea Genie Brainstorming workshops.  But neither really worked as a “signature” presentation.  Offering a buffet of choices dilutes your brand and makes it harder to market yourself/business effectively. I’ve been successfully but not realizing my full potential.  I realized it was past time for me to retrace many of the same steps I’d been helping the majority of my clients face!
Now that I’ve a firmer handle on my ideal target market (overwhelmed and frustrated entrepreneurs, service providers, and writers,) and what they want (I asked them :)  ) I’m in the final stages of creating my new signature presentation:
ROCK YOUR PATH, 5 Leaps of Faith to Take Each Day to Grow Your Dream Business

It’s designed so I can deliver it live in-person or virtually via teleseminar or webinar. There’s a logical tie-in that includes both a free get started program, and a new group coaching option, plus it integrates well with my other services and upcoming product launches

• But to answer Dina’s request  (to share an exercise) I recommend starting by answering three questions:
1. Who .specifically. do you most want to (and like to) work with?
2. What solution are you most passionate (and successful) in helping them achieve?
3. What’s your unique skill or most personal trait/approach that you use with those identified in Question 1 that have produced the successful solutions identified in Question 2.

Your best — as in most personally, professionally and financially rewarding — signature program will highlight those three answers.

Great, huh?  Here’s what I shared with Linda about my journey.  You probably didn’t know this about me.

What an excellent conversation this is!!  This is the value of community. You asked +Linda Ursin  and here we are sharing our thoughts and everyone benefits.  Win. Win. Win!

+Kathy Henderson-Sturtz made some knockout suggestions.  To echo her, your talk can, and should, change over time, as you get more insight and feedback from your clients. Don’t be afraid to ask them. It’s flattering and the answers are immensely helpful, exactly the support and springboard you need to take that next step.

Like Kathy I decided to  redefine and refine my products, services and audience. I realized that I have very strong views on how build a business that is happier, less stressful and doesn’t ruin your life and that’s what I want to share.  I was forced into making the changes and hope to spare others the harm while offering the lessons.

Spending time online in forums, asking questions and contributing, was the best way to pinpoint what potential buyers wanted to know or learn. In fact, I spend a lot of time searching keywords to find those conversations. What do creative women with chronic illnesses want?

Side note: Can I share a thought as someone in your target market?

There may be women, like me, who do feel in control & in charge, are able to live fully while meeting the  challenges and adjustments of chronic illness.  We make it work. What would you offer those women?  Personally, I’d say a talk on how to take it easy :)

Back to forum research. What I discovered surprised me.  People wanted more beginner information on communication skills than I had anticipated. I was offering more advanced ideas, which made a frustrating mismatch.

Now my focus is teaching  independent workers in coworking spaces, coaches and consultants the  systems I used to reduced and better manage the inevitable conflict that comes with running a business.

My authority comes not just from the years as a mediator, trainer and Ombudsman  in corp America but from sharing my real life experiences as a #microbusinessowner   and as someone who burned the candle at both ends living with the consequences of that.

You say you don’t have clients yet.  OK.  What you do have is your ideas and your experiences. Create speeches from that.  That resonates.

You want to know if people will like your stuff.  Can I be honest with you? You can rest assured some percent of people won’t like or get your stuff. Not everyone likes rocky road ice cream; some folks only want vanilla.    _Are those the folks you want to build your business around or would you rather create for people who see your value?_

And, by the way, no one can see your value until you give them something to see.  Create a 5 minute video on your PC (google how) of you talking about why you chose this topic and post to YouTube then share like mad!!  One way or another, you’ll get feedback.  Yes, it needs to be video because of the personal nature of the topic. I need to see you to build trust.

Hope that was helpful.  Half of that was meant for me!

Taking of my coaching hat….and backing away from soapbox

Kathy thanks ever so much for the brilliant exercise!

Doing my happy dance

What strikes you the most about this post, I’m curious?

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  1. Dina Eisenberg
    4 years ago

    My thanks to you both for starting and enriching the conversation. I got so positively inspired that I’m mindmapping a new talk, Speak UP: 4 Tips for Saying No with Confidence & Ease! Let’s hope lots of others get inspired, too. Linda, don’t forget to keep us posted :)

  2. Linda Ursin
    4 years ago

    Thanks for your answers Dina :) I’ll put them to good use when I get going on that in August.

  3. Delighted I took time to participate in today’s discussion about signature programs. Dina, I completely agree with the additional suggestions and advice you shared. I’m sure many in the community here will find it valuable, in addition to Linda. They were good reminders for me, too.

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