17 Reasons Why You’d Love Coworking, Solopreneur!

Could I actually be in a coworking community? That’s the question I pose to you and to myself. As an solopreneur and communications skills expert, I’m all for collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs. To paraphrase that old saying, ‘many heads are better than one’.

For those who might not know, coworking is where entrepreneurs and others with portable businesses get together to work because it improves their productivity and gives them lasting relationships and connections that help them grow personally and professionally.

I started my first business in a workspace facility which is similar but different. You get a space to work but it’s far less community based.  So, I understand that experience.  What I’m curious about is coworking.  What’s it like?

Doing a bit of research, I came across a number of traits, beliefs, skills that can make you a good candidate to be  part of a coworking community.  Here’s my list.  Please add your thoughts and ideas to the comments.

You’d be great at coworking if you…

  1. Like other people
  2. Feel comfortable making friends
  3. Don’t mind a little mess
  4. Can tune out extraneous noise
  5. Can communicate  your needs, interests, boundaries well
  6. Are a good listener
  7. Are okay with difference types of humor
  8. Feel confident navigating conflict
  9. Have personal integrity
  10. Know the tools to collaborate
  11. consider keeping your promise sacred
  12. Like to be a part of a community
  13. Like to be a contributing member of a community
  14. Work well with a ‘personal honor’ system
  15. Know how to positively influence and inspire others
  16. Have a good self-care skills
  17. Have the insight and skills to manage your emotions and the emotions of others

What would you add to this list…

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