I’m a Coworking Entrepreneur

Co-working is growing!

I  decided to be more strategic by narrowing my focus to entrepreneurs in co-working and workspace as I mentioned earlier when we were talking about the kind of empathy entrepreneurs need.

Workspaces are serviced office facilities where entrepreneurs and small businesses work.  As a tenant you get access to a variety of services, technology, venues such as mail, virtual assistant, receptionist and catering services. You also get the option of working in a various locations if your workspace as multi-locations like Regus, which has 1500 locations worldwide.

Odyssey Seminars, my first company, was launched out of a beautiful industrial workspace in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Mass.  The place had exposed brick walls and a modern vibe and parking!

Being a virtual client, meaning I used the mailing address and conference room, boosted my confidence as a new entrepreneur.  Every time I met a client who said ‘nice space’ or held a workshop with all the AV bells and whistle I felt like a mogul.  And to be honest, I’m sure that my earlier out-of-town clients were impressed with my address as much as my law degree.

What is Co-working ?

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Co-working  is slightly different than workspace.  The coworking wiki says describes coworking as,   independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone.  And, I agree with that, but it goes deeper.  People call themselves  coworking enthusiasts. 

Coworking is a movement!  I love the commitment to community and growth that’s part o

f coworking.  Coworking enthusiasts, and I’d be proud to call myself one, want to build long-lasting relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs.  As someone who strives to grow myself and my business in service of changing the world, that’s pretty darned greaat company to hang out with.

Is Coworking for you?

Would you consider co-working or workspace for your business? I totally loved workspace so I’m curious what it would be like to ‘desk surf’.   My plan is to visit coworking in the Bay area to see what the facilities and different communities have to offer.  Next post, I’ll throw out some ideas about what makes someone a good candidate for coworking.  Stop by with your ideas, will ya?

I’m pretty psyched to return full circle back to where I started almost twenty years ago.  There’s been a lot of that lately. When I was in Brooklyn for the Memorial day holiday I stayed a block away from the historic Abraham and Strauss department store where I had my first adult job as a buyer of men’s coats, small appliances and lingerie (seems like they’re related, doesn’t it-lol)

If you’re in a coworking or workspace community, I’d be so happy to talk with you about your experiences. Shoot me a note and we’ll connect.   Or leave a note in the comments!

I’m looking forward to helping such creative people  grow and innovate even further by having more communication skills in their pockets.

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