Confused by how to find clients? Start with you!

How do I find clients is the most popular question I see in the virtual assistant industry. It kinda pisses me off. Why?

Because VAs are looking for clients waaay before they are ready to serve them well. Not because the skills aren’t there, although since a lot of these questions come from newbies, it’s possible. Rather because they want to jump ahead. New solopreneurs often forget the most important part of attracting clients- recognizing which clients are a good fit for you and letting the others go.

You wouldn’t go shopping for a new outfit without knowing your size right? Same thing. You want to know which kinds of clients feel good to you and attract them.  I know you want to grow your business, but honestly, not every client is for everybody.  You need to be selective, even if that seems counter-intuitive.  (Goes along  the same principle as narrow your niche )

Who is your ideal client?

If I had a dollar for every Google search on finding your ideal client I’d be on my way to being as rich as Oprah.  It’s a huge, important question, I agree.  But it begs another question every new entrepreneur should answer:

Who is ideal for you, as a person and business owner, not just your business?

People want to be all professional and pretend that business isn’t personal.  That’s not true.  It’s personal  because you are a person, and your feelings, fears, insecurities, strengths and vision all come into play.  Your business is personal to you.  You deserve to be surrounded by people who you like, respect and who inspire you to do great things…like the work you’re doing for them.   Find clients who resonate with who you are as a person!

I’m curious (as always).  Did you consider what kinds of clients you wanted to have (besides paying ;) ) when you launched your virtual assistance practice or business?  Give me a shout in the comments-thx!

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