8 Shopper IDs & 1 Confident Buyer

You were a consumer long before you were an entrepreneurs, coach, small business owner, speaker, consultant or self-employed.  I mentioned that before.  What I didn’t share was a list of the shopping styles.  Doh! This is my list of shoppers identities, which represent the different buying styles I’ve seen.   What I discovered recently made me see these labels in a whole new light.

Your Shopper ID

Your shopper id an  unconscious pattern that shapes how you market your goods and services.  Think about it.  Who understands a bargain-hunter better than another one? I know the thrill of scoring a fantastic deal, after all I lived in Boston with the beloved Filene’s Basement for years.  My marketing used words like ‘affordable’, ‘deal’ and ‘saving’s when I was a bargain-hunter.

As I grew my money-set point (the range you believe is acceptable to spend for something), my shopping style evolved, too.  I ended up a confirmed researcher, which came in handy when I was designing my dear Vivienne (our house).  Thanks to fab members of Gardenweb I was totally in-the-know about the best brands, prices and philosophies for doing a whole house renovation.

Good news, I shopped like a demon.  We got a very high-end look & feel (warm, modern, organic glam!), cutting-edge, quality materials  all at very nice prices. Bad news, I literally spend weeks looking. And, the researcher style clung to me  as I was writing my copy for my web event.  I couldn’t stop adding all the elements a researcher needs to feel secure about buying- plenty of facts, stats, and opinions.   I thought I’d mastered the message.  Not so much.  Friends told me the page sounded nothing like me and that’s why it wasn’t converting.

Of course, they were right.  I could see it immediately once I got the nudge.  I was writing for researchers like me.  Researchers aren’t my ideal audience, and it’s not who I am in my business.  I’d gotten my consumer fears wrapped up in my entrepreneur role and tripped.  I don’t want the same thing to happen to you, so have a look at the list.

8 Shopper IDs that Impact Your Small Business

Shopping Style Description
Bargain hunter  Shops on price and the thrill of the hunt. Attracted to words like: affordable, budget, savings
Pleaser  Says yes, even if not interested, to avoid confrontation. Wants lots of escape routes
Procastinator  Shops for the mythical perfect thing. Loves lots of supporting info & usually has a question about ‘one more thing’
Rationalizer  Likes to justify a purchase i.e it only cost or it came with extra Loves a ton of bonuses that seem better than the product
Regretter  Shops, buys but then has lingering doubts about value. Has a tough time being definitive because something better might come along
Researcher  Shops based on facts, stats and opinions. Loves lots of examples and time to compile information. Long sales process
Returner  Shops anticipating a return and doesn’t commit. Loves the transaction, not the purchase
Skeptic  Shops defensively and believes all sales are suspect. Not easily satisfied except by personal experience
CONFIDENT BUYER  Shops based facts, stats and opinions but will buy when the emotional message resonates!


What about the confident buyer?  That’s who we all want to sell to, work with (and be!)  Confident buyers engage well.  The know your value because they did the research.  They buy because they get your message.  Have you come across this before?  Tell me in the comments,

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