Let’s be honest, you’re not at your best when you’re trying to decide what to do about a sticky situation.

You riccoche between saying something and keeping your mouth shout.  You’re not sure what happened or what do do next. You worry…. what will they think of me?  What will they say?  How can I fix this and move on?

So what happens?

You muddle through  a less-than-helpful, defensive conversation, or worse, don’t have one at all. You say what you think you’re supposed to say, nothing changes and you’re more frustrated than ever and feeling hopeless.

I completely get that. Relationships are hard and you didn’t sign up for the drama when you became a manager or  entrepreneur. After years of helping clients get past communication conflicts I know one thing for sure:

You can’t see the big picture by yourself.

Dina Eisenberg, SpeakupPowerfully.com

Dina Eisenberg, SpeakupPowerfully.com

When you and I are working together, I can help you:


  • see the insights, opportunities and obstacles you might have missed on your own.
  • change your negative view so you can see the positive options.
  • figure out your ‘best alternative’.
  • identify ‘your truth’ and help  you speak it confidently.
  • blow off steam without doing damage.

You get unstuck, feel better and move on, whether that means figuring out how to improve your client relationship or figuring out how to say goodbye well.

What  you get is perspective, experience, optimism and compassion.

When you’re in the middle of a client thing, it feels horrible and it’s hard to see how things will end. Each time feels like the first time.

As an award-winning mediator I’ve helped thousands of people through all kinds of business conflicts.  You’ll have the benefit of my perspective, guidance, experience and 20 years of knowledge and I’ll be on your side.

I’ll show you the path from being stuck, step by step to becoming a powerful communicator who handles clients with grace and generosity while being yourself.


Borrowing my Brain is right for you if you’re ready to:

  •  Improve your communication skills so you can navigate clients and situations easier
  • Figure out what happened and what to do next in a client relationship gone wrong
  • Take a fresh look with expert eyes to find a workable solution that protects you and pleases your client
  • Step into your power and become the Fearless Thought Leader you were meant to be!


Would you like to work together?

I had the pleasure of having a Borrow My Brain session with Dina when I had no clue of how to create my signature speech, get speaking gigs, or how to reach the women I need to reach. Dina gave me lots of ideas on how to get this done, and provided a lot more than I would have expected from a short session. Dina got my brain churning on a speech that fits me perfectly, clarified what I need to do next, and gave me the kick in the rear I needed to get going.  She also gave ma a lot of pointers to use elsewhere in my business.”
Linda Ursin, Chronic Illness Coach



Borrow my Brain
$128  fifty minute session 

Here’s how it works.  You and I sit down privately via  Skype, Google Hangout  or phone.  We talk about what you want to accomplish and find options and solutions for you.   You leave with more clarity and an audio recording to refer back to again and again.  There’s no obligation to book more sessions (although you’ll want to once you experience the peace of mind and confidence you gain!)  Let’s get started.

After purchase you’ll be re-diected to a page with a scheduling link to arrange your Brain time with me.

Borrow my Brain Series
Borrow my Brain Series
Your private sounding board to help you gain clarity, perspective, understanding and take inspired action. You will receive scheduling details by email after purchase.
Price: $128.00



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