After Your Client says Yes to Your Pricing Conversation

You made a sale.  Woo hoo!  It feels great, right?  You might think you’re done.  Nope.

Actually, you’re still in the pricing conversation.  You’re at the part where the grey clouds have parted, the sun comes out and hope beams.  Your client said yes, let’s work together.  It’s a giddy moment of joy (and, a good place to say thanks for the opportunity again).  But not the end of the conversation or the sale by a long shot.

Now that  you’ve transformed that prospect into a client,  embrace them.  It’s your job to fold them into your tribe of clients. Show them the ropes.  Calm their fears by sharing what you envision for the next steps and future work.

Lately, I’ve been working with a lot of contractors on my house and providers via outsourcing sites like Elance.  What kinda irks me is how often the entrepreneur leave me in the lurch.  No real instructions on next steps; what he needs or how the project will start.  Very disappointing.

That, my friends, introduces doubt into a pricing conversation was built on connection and collaboration between the two of you. Not a good look.  It can turn a confident buyer into a  Regretter or worse a Returner.  Nobody wants that.

Here’s your do-list for caring for your client after she says yes..

  • Invite client into your work process- what you need & what you need to  do your best work
  • Explain their next steps-  what comes next- pay you ;) , do a questionnaire, schedule a meeting, etc
  • Talk through the contract & payment details- what needs to be signed- releases, NDA; how much is your fee, when, how?
  • Signal the beginning of work- when does the clock or project start? What do you need to do your best work?

You know I’m always curious.  How are you ‘onboarding’ your clients now?  Share with us in the comments-thx!

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