Want to consistently work with great clients who 'get you', respect your time & talent and happily pay you what you're worth?

Stop wishing your clients would treat you better and start telling them HOW!

Despite that old chestnut about the client always being right, you and I know that clients aren’t always right or even reasonable. Your business is your home.  Don’t invite anyone inside that you don’t adore!  Or, at least, like deeply,with a little makeover.

Fabulous Client Relationship Toolkit is the the solution for entrepreneurs who want respect but might not know how to ask for it.  You can shape your working relationship with clients so that your client works for you.  You can communicate effectively with clients so you can do your best work without the stress, hassle and misunderstandings.  But to do it well, you need a toolkit.

Whether you’re a newbie who wants to get off on the right foot or a veteran who wants to refresh your business, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to communicate effectively with clients, set your own rules and have meaningful conversations that transform your working relationships into satisfying partnership.  And, do it all in a way that feels powerful and generous to you and your clients!

Fabulous Client Relationship Toolkit

During this 6 week program, you’ll get:

Four (4) information packed webinars so you can:

  • Identify your Best Client
  • Develop your Client Manifesto
  • Write your Own Friendly Contract
  • Design your Client Onboarding Process
  • two  I Gotta Question sessions
  • a private forum to get expert advice and support from your peers!

Take advantage of this special beta price now.   You’ll get a super price in exchange for your thoughts and testimonials. I get help to make this experience better than excellent.  Future classes get a truly innovative experience.  That’s a win-win-win, for sure!

Fabulous Client Relationship Toolkit
Fabulous Client Relationship Toolkit
6 week mentoring program to create your client onboarding system so you can have great clients you adore!
Price: $249.00
Price: $98.00