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Fabulous clients, the ones that feel yummy to work with like hot chocolate & kittens combined, are made not born! smiling businesswoman

As an entrepreneur who invested in the quality training provided by Pam and Elayne, I know you are committed to growing your business.   You need a strategy for creating fabulous client relationship so you don’t get trapped with bad clients.  Educating your clients on how to treat you as a business person is just as important as the strategy you learned for rating #1 on Google.

Veteran entrepreneurs slowly figure this out after spending 2-3 stressful years  of dealing with difficult clients, being stuck in uncomfortable situations and making way less money that they wanted. You can work smarter.

I’d like to save you that time and aggravation and share my secrets for creating fabulous client relationships that attract clients you adore who get you, appreciate your time & talents and happily pay your fees.

Dina Eisenberg, SpeakupPowerfully.com

Dina Eisenberg, SpeakupPowerfully.com

I’m Dina Eisenberg, an award-winning businesswoman, mediator and recovered attorney (I saw the light and stopped using courts to solve problems).  I’ve worked with Fortune ranked companies and entrepreneurs teaching them how to communicate and collaborate better with clients and colleagues. This contract writing process is the same one I’ve used in my business for the past 20 years to attract fabulous clients that appreciate my talents, respect me and pay me well.

You can easily attract fabulous clients that you adore when you are clear about who you are (the real you, not the hard-nosed business person you think you’re supposed to be), effectively communicate your expectations, philosophy and rules to  clients and have the right mindset and skills to do it confidently and gracefully.

Start  by creating your own ‘user’ manual which includes your….

  • Client Manifesto
  • Caring Contract
  • Client Relationship Toolkit

Let’s capitalize on  the amazing training you just received by taking the next practical step on the path to success– writing your contract.  You’re gonna need that pretty soon.

Contract Writing for Virtual Assistants!

In this step by step ecourse, you’ll  learn

    • how to decide what works best for you when working with clients
    • how to write your contract using a simple story telling approach
    • how to nip cancellation and late paying in the bud
    • ways to make sure your client is responsive and accountable
    • simple tips for having a friendly contract

What you get:

  • Self-paced, step-by-step course to take the mystery out of the essentials of contracts
  • 30 page Contract Writing Action Guide to walk you through the creation process
  • Sample Agreement and scripts so you can see how it’s done
  • Expert advice from a serial entrepreneur and mediator who used this contract system successful to grow a happy 6 figure business


  • Powerful Question Checklist with questions that get people talking!

Finish this self-paced course and you’l have a friendly agreement that really represents you and your values while womanonphone.thsteaching clients how to have an amazing experience with you.  Happier clients are long term, referring clients!

What’s the deal?

You could easily pay at over $200 for a course  this in-depth and practical.  You won’t because I remember what finances are like when you’re starting out or rebuilding.  You want great advice at an affordable price.

Contract Writing for Virtual Assistants is your for only $49.

But for you, it gets better.  

Because you’re a Groupie of Pam and Elayane, your special price is: $38!

Don’t miss your chance to get started (restarted) the right way, feeling confident, prepared and excited about your new clients!

Contract Writing for Virtual Assistants