Okay What Now? Interview with Cachet Prescott


Cachet of VirtualCachet.com

I love interviewing people. For a curious type like me it’s invigorating to talk with an expert and get her perspective on things.  That’s why I launched this blog feature, Okay, What Now?

It’s my way of sharing the really fabulous people I’ve met and admire who embody my idea of a Fearless Thought Leader.

There’s no better example than Cachet Prescott of VirtualCachet.com  Cachet caught my attention at first because she has a unique specialty among virtual assistants.  She supports HR practitioners.  As a former Ombudsman, I know what a critical and sensitive role that is.  Demands a lot of trust, which is fine because Cachet is a woman of integrity.  She immediately struck me as someone who has a vision for her business & herself and I was right.

Cachet is a military wife who turned moving around the country into a career that supports her family.  You’re bound to be as inspired by her brightness and cheerful advice on early clients as I was.  Enjoy! (be sure to listen to the end to hear her answer to my surprise question!)

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Cachet Prescott on 2013-01-22 at 12.28 (24.12 duration)

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