Are you inviting the right people home?

Your business is your home.  It’s where you live, breathe and make your dreams come true.  That’s why I’m amazed at how often solopreneurs  let any old stranger into their homes.

Your house is a very, very, very  fine house 

Everything you in your real life home is something that you picked because you liked it.  That rug suited your modern flare.  The dresser in your bedroom lets you be a little country.  Your kitchen says watch it- Top Chef at work.  It’s so you.

That same vibe should be in your business.  In the way you market yourself, for sure, but also in how you run your business.  Your business, your way- that’s my motto! 

Client attraction gurus tell you it’s all about selecting the right target market.  I’m not gonna lie, nicheing is important.  It’s easier to gain visibility, credibility and clients when you’re not trying to be everything to everyone.  However, I notice some faulty thinking going on.  Finding your ideal niche doesn’t make the people in that niche ideal clients.  Sure they fit your business plan, but do they fit you?

You’re different.  Be different.  Select your clients differently.

Don’t let anyone you don’t adore in.

Yes, I mean be selective.  Exclude people who aren’t your best clients.  You know, best clients are the ones that are in your target market, want what you got, respect you and your time and happily pay your fees.  Best clients inspire, delight and challenge you in a good way.

This will feel awkward because today’s model of client attract only goes as far as picking the client type, not the personalities you want to work with.  For me, that’s the missing, essential piece.  Your clients should work for you, the way you live your life and run your business.

You might not know what your best client looks like yet.  That’s ok.  Emotional intelligence starts with being self-aware. Start a vision board- just like you did for paint colors.  Look around at the kind of  clients your role model attracts as a sample. (Remember, you’re being different so no copying. Use them as the pattern.)  Begin to percolate….what you think about you bring about.

grey curtains

Client selection is important

Decorate your home!

What quality that makes you adore a client?  Who do you want in your house?

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