Be a raving fan

I love it when the Universe brings things together.  Just this week I was talking about why it’s so important to have empathy for your clients, to really understand them and their feelings.  No sooner do I finish and do a little surfing and up pops Angel Lebak.

Angel is the owner of, a social media management VA firm.  Now, I don’t know Angel from Eve. (Nice to meet you).  I found her while I was searching around to find evidence of solopros who lead from a caring stance.

Bam!  Meet

There it was on the bottom of her home page.  A little love note to her prospective clients reassuring them that she and her staff will be ‘your biggest fans’.

That’s empathetic and smart.  That line got me right away because I’d certainly want my social media partners to think I’m better than chocolate, to proudly represent me in the online world.

Be a Raving Fan

What I love about the site is that Angel’s so open. She tells you right up front- this is a small party, not everyone is invited (my words not Angel’s).  But if you do, you know you’ll be warmly embraced and pampered like the rockstar you are.

Angel shares her thoughts on being a client cheerleader on her blog.  She’s the real deal- a Fearless Thought Leader for sure. Go have a read.

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