Balancing Binkys and Business


I distinctly remember keeping a pile of toys near my desk to throw out the door in case my kids (3 & 4 at the time)  joined in on a business call. It wasn’t nurturing, but as a single mom, I had to get the bills paid.

Later, I took my kids to award receptions to show them what a successful working woman (their mom) looked like. It didn’t hurt that every booth had a ton of tchotchkes to give the only kids on the exhibition floor.

It was rough to balance my attention.  No matter which role I was in- mom or maven- I felt like I could be doing the other one better.  I worried a lot and drove myself to near exhaustion trying to attend everything, work and be the fun mom. You know what I’m saying.

Founding Mothers Exchange

So, it’s nice all these years later to see there are so many communities for working moms like Founding Moms Exchange.  I launched the Boston chapter of Founding Moms before moving here to Cali.  Stephanie Shaterian  of Flo Marketing Content is doing a bang up job as the organizer.  You have to work magic to get twenty moms in a room and she makes it look easy.

And, the moms- wow.  I was blown away by how friendly, savvy and ambitious these ladies are.  I’m in really great company.You can be too.

Here’s the next meeting notice.  Take a moment to drop by.  It’s the most relaxed and useful networking I’ve done in a while, even though I blew my elevator speech.


Hey Founding Moms,

We are a mere two weeks away from our amazing panel event “Building Your Business While Building Your Family” featuring Ingrid Carney (Inventor of the Bellaband and Owner of Ingrid & Isabel), Alicia Dunams (Creator of “Bestseller in a Weekend”) and Catherine Burton (Owner of Endpoint Environmental). They’ll be sharing information about how they each built their unique businesses while giving equal weight to their important roles as mothers and wives.  We all know it ain’t easy!

This event is FREE and open to the public, so please share the word with anyone you know who is a business owner or is thinking of starting one. Although the conversation will be focused on moms, themes will be relevant to all.

Click here for more information and to register

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  1. Junita
    5 years ago

    Great post. This is exactly the stage I am in so it is always reassuring to know other successful women have passed the mommy guilt test. I am going to see if there is a Founding Mother’s Exchange in MN.

  2. stef
    5 years ago

    Thanks Dina! This line gets to the heart of it I think ” No matter which role I was in- mom or maven- I felt like I could be doing the other one better. ” And I’m not sure how that is resolved….I know! I’ll ask the panel. ;)

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