25 Questions a Smart VA Asks New Clients

Your prospective client is interviewing you for the role of virtual assistance- partner in crime. Of course, you should be interviewing her right back! After all, you want to make sure you’re a good fit so you can do great stuff together.

Asking probing questions is something that most entrepreneurs don’t do. It seems kinda rude. Yet, a few simple ‘get acquainted’ questions before you commit can mean the difference between a great work experience and clientzilla.  It’s okay, even admirable to make sure this prospective client falls into the category of ‘your best client’ and not just someone who can pay the bills.

When I was consulting to the the largest financial institutions  it was hard to run thru these questions.  They were like, Who are you again?  And, I felt awkward to say the least.  However, I dodged a lot of bullets by sticking to my checklist of questions.  Sometimes I could tell just by the reaction to the question that this was not the client for me, far from my best client.  And, that’s ok.  As my dad used to say about men, there’s plenty of fish in the sea!



25 Questions a Smart VAs Asks New Clients

  1. Tell me about your business.
  2. How did you get started?
  3. What do you like best about your business?
  4. What days and hours do you work?
  5. Do you work weekends and expect me to also?
  6. What would you rather not do?
  7. What’s happening in your business that you decided to get some help?
  8. Have you worked with a VA or outsourced before?
  9. What was that like?
  10. What did you enjoy?
  11. What probably could’ve gone better?
  12.  Do you want me to offer suggestions or follow your instructions?
  13. Do you want me to tell you when there’s a better way?
  14. What kind of turnaround do you hope for?
  15.  Do you work weekends and do you expect me to?
  16.  Are you ok wth off-hours and rush charges when needed?
  17.  When you’re not immediately available and I have questions, wouldy ou like me to proceed or wait?
  18.  When you ask for something that’s not my speciality, would you like me to learn it or outsource?
  19. Are you ok with on-the-job learning?
  20.  If outsourcing is ok, do you want to know I’m sending the job out or just see the end result?
  21.  What happens with a mistake? Do you want me to tell you first or fix it then tell you or come to you with the problem and solutions?
  22.  What do you want me to do if I see what I think a mistake?
  23.  How much time do you have to manage projects or set clear goals for me?
  24. When issues arise, because they always do, what helps you the most?
  25. Anything else I need to know to make you deliriously happy as a client?

 How many of these questions are a routine part of your client embrace- you know, how you create your working relationship?  What new questions can you share?


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