Are you a Boss?

Are you a Dinosaur or maybe an Expert?   Nope, I’m not talking about your dancing.  Your collaboration style.

You know that we each have a conflict style.  It’s the way you handle conflict- maybe you aim to get your way  every time or perhaps you’re happiest when someone else is happy.

Knowing your style can help keep you out of pickles.  Knowing the styles of the people you work with clients, colleagues, JV partners is the key to keeping the ball rolling smoothly.  I teach about this in my courses because the most successful entrepreneurs know how to use all the styles to get the best end result.

Your Collaboration Style

So, when I came across this cool infographic on collaboration styles and a quiz- I couldn’t resist.  I love doing assessments.  Must be all those Cosmo quizzes I took as a teenager.  Central Desktop created a fun quiz to determine what kind of collaborator you are. Clever, huh- they make collaboration software that works great. I used them for many years.   You can take the test here. They ask for your email.

The article in Inc highlights the importance of collaboration, which is my favorite way to work.  Gathering the ideas and thoughts of others is fun and expands your knowledge.

Collaboration suits my personality. The ‘always curious-big idea’ side of me loves the talking and sharing, while my analytical side find pleasure in the details.  I can get impatient because the process can be slow and clunky but, really,  you get the most interesting results.  Just like in cooking solutions need time to develop bold and subtle flavors.

What do you like or dislike about collaborating? What was your best experience?


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