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I love TED Talks.  They are perfect for someone like me who has an almost insatiable curiosity and very little time.  I can ponder some of the worlds mysteries, discover new ways of thinking or being, or just indulge my love of geeky stuff all in about 15 minutes.  A lovely way to take a break without feeling like I’m slacking off.

TED, which started as a conference to spread good ideas, has expanded to focus on different niches like global, women, youth, business.  You will absolutely find something to fascinate, inspire, challenge, persuade or inform you on TED.  Take peek, if you haven’t already; it’s good for your brain ;)

Anyhoo-  I hadn’t realized I had a TED profile, much less fill it out.  Just like the rest of TED, completing the profile is really fun and engaging. One intriguing prompt got me noodling hard:  An idea worth spreading is….

I’m sharing my answer below and I hope you’ll share your spreadable idea in the comments.


The best gift you can give yourself & others is to talk through conflict.


Yes, it’s scary to be in a conversation where you don’t know what will happen next. Your brain does a great job of predicting a bleak outcome to prevent you from suffering risk or loss. Nobody wants to be get caught up in anger or feel rejected or disappointed. Very understandable. Hard, but the gift is worth the price.

The gift is connection and compassion which ultimately leads to understanding and growth. Sounds woo, woo, I know. Being self-aware (but not judgmental), transparent and curious about the other person’s experience & perspective allows you to shed new light on the situation, revealing new & different solutions.

You’re able to focus on how alike you are and reconnect as humans, each doing his or her best to belong and be loved. You’re able to hear yourself and reconsider your opinions and their truth or worth. You’re able to speak your own truth and give yourself respect, even when all the answers can’t be found. Talking is an incredibly powerful tool.

Did it surprise you that I didn’t mention business since this is a business blog?  Business is personal, filled with people you work and build relationships with.  Business is personal when you are the business.  Learning to be skillful, or at least mindful, at solving conflict is good for your business, and great for your life.

That’s my spreadable idea, and of course, I’ll be around to share what I know about the best conversation and how to start and end them.

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