Easily Attract Your Best Client!

February 4, 2013 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Anywhere you are!

Finding clients is like searching for the holy grail for virtual assistants. You start by finding your niche and ideal client. Then you network locally and online. You attract clients but, sadly, not the ones you want to work with. What gives?

Come hear a new approach to attracting clients that teaches you to find your best client (which is not be the same as your ideal client) and develop fabulous working relationships that keep you sane and your business happy!

You’ll leave the webinar confidently knowing:

  • What is a best client?
  • A quick & easy yardstick to measure clients & select your best, like-minded clients
  • How to create expectations for clients that help you feel in control and confident
  • How to identify ‘red flag’ clients so that you can avoid issues and be happier at work

Client Whisperer and Conflict Coach, Dina Eisenberg shares her proven tips and expert advice for asking questions and her unique blend of emotional intelligence, assertiveness, positivity and conflict management strategies for running a business that works for you!

 Stop wasting your precious time and start enjoying the pleasure and profit from working with your best clients.

Sponsered by  VALeague.com, where the motto is: Building Relationships, Building Businesses

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