Solopros, freelancers and entrepreneurs...

Ready to say your price and easily get it every time?

60 Days to Profit Success: How to Set, Say & Get Paid your Right Price!

 Did you know?

  • The #1 question self-employed and entrepreneurs struggle with is: how do I set my price?
  • 81% don’t get their full price, instead discount to get the work
  • Freelancers don’t always get paid and actually  lose an average of $6k per year.
  • 93% of solopros never make 6 figures

I’m sharing my simple, feel-good approach to asking for and getting paid what you deserve without guilt or worry.

Hi, I’m Dina Eisenberg.  My background as an attorney/mediator and Ombudsman seems like it was custom tailored by the universe to help you learn how to speak up, be heard & prosper!

It’s soul-eating to invest so much passion, energy and money into your business  only to feel disappointed or betrayed when clients don’t get you, haggle endless or demand too much time-or worst of all- don’t pay you.

If you’re ready to dump that sorry situation and boost your income and happiness, I can help, especially if…

  • You hope there’s a sweet spot is between what you’re worth and what clients will pay but you haven’t found it.
  • You know you work hard but constantly worry about charging too much and clients thinking you’re greedy or worse.
  • You know you deliver great results but don’t know how to express that without sounding  like you’re bragging
  • You’re ready to make changes and wish you had help.
  • You’re overdue for a price raise but hate the idea of losing even one client.


Maybe you’ve doubted?
  • Am I good enough to charge?
  • Can I deliver what I promise?
  • Who would pay that much?
  • This is so easy it hardly seems right to charge?
  • What do I gotta do to make this work???
Walk away knowing how to
  • Set your price realistically based on data, not pulling a number out of the air or internet
  • Say your fees confidently using scripts that convert lookers into clients!
  • Never discount on the spot again!
  • Train your clients to pay on time and behave well!
  • Figure out your true value and finally get paid what you deserve!
Here’s what you enjoy!
  • 24 Insightful audio and video modules
  • reference workbook with scripts, checklists
  • my personal recipe for having an effective, profitable pricing conversation
  • mentoring on an interactive platform
  • access to Office Hours
  • BONUS  profit analysis software ($250 value)
  • Special EARLY BIRD pricing