3 Things You don’t know about Elance

If you haven’t used Elance in a while, it’s time to take another look. Elance is one of the first bidding sites, where you post a job and a freelancer from across the country or around the world bids to win the job and help you out.

I’ve been on Elance since 2010 and think it’s a very powerful tool to get talented people to work with you at a price you can afford. There’s no way I could have turned my podcast series into content for Kindle books without the help of Susanna, a small business owner who runs a solo transcription shop. (Susanna is featured in my course, Elance Secrets Revealed)

I know a lot of consultants and coaches who want to grow but lack either the talent to do it themselves or the money to hire the big guys. Maybe that’s you. I recommend Elance as the middle ground. You get your vision realized without having to learn the latest software or marketing trend.

Skeptical about getting a good result? I was too, at first. After all, it’s the internet. But once I learned more about Elance I felt more comfortable and I thought you might as well.

1. There’s strength in numbers.

One hundred and 10 thousand (110k) people began using Elance in the first quarter of this year. Two hundred and ninety freelancers joined the platform in the same time. That’s a ton of social proof, people.

2. It’s speedy!

It takes 3 days to find a provider on Elance, compared to the 23 days to find a service provider offline.  I manage my projects efficiently so I can select a provider within 2 days and get going.  You know the old expression, time is money.

3. Marketing is a charm.

Eighty percent of the work done on Elance is IT, both creative and programming. But don’t overlook marketing, the 3rd most popular work category, especially social media, on Elance.

Why is this important?

Your business is not going to reach the level you want until you conquer your someday list. You know, that list of tasks that you know will improve your business but you don’t have time, interest, energy, patience or discipline to do.

It’s that one little thing on your blog, like updating the header that you put off because it’s too simple to pay someone to do yet you haven’t learned how yet.

It’s all those tweets you mean to get out, but well, what the heck do you write?

It’s researching those targeted blogs for guest posts that never seems to be a priority, even though you want more visibility.

Someday can be tomorrow with Elance.

What do you think? My experience as been balanced- good and not so good. How’s your Elance experience been?

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