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Thanks for coming by.  My talent is helping bring clarity and insight when you’re stuck in a business relationship that doesn’t work, whether you work for yourself or in an organization.

 I help you get unstuck, communicate more effectively, be heard and take powerful action.

Some call me a ‘Client Whisperer’.  But, it’s really you that I’m whispering to, my ideas, suggestions, strategies and tools for becoming a confident, powerful entrepreneur who knows how to influence  and communicate in a positive way.

You’re in the right place if …

  • You’re not earning what you want to, even though you’re working so hard, because of challenging client demands.
  • You feel overwhelmed, disrespected or defeated but aren’t sure how to set boundaries with clients or have the difficult conversations needed.
  • You’re beginning to partner and joint venture with other entrepreneurs and want to navigate these new business relationships well.
  • You want to improve your communication skills as a way of growing your business and yourself.

You’re in the perfect place if you want to be comfortably in charger,  happier and more profitable!

Over twenty years in business, I developed my own unique blend of client relationship and client communication systems that allowed me to be get things done (be powerful) and be generous (have a caring connection with clients).

It doesn’t mean putting up your dukes and throwing down every time someone is disrespectful. It’s more about knowing

What happens when you start to speak up for yourself?

Not to get all pollyanna-ish but life gets good.  You stop bracing for the worst and start embracing people and new opportunities.   It’s an amazing transformation.  I know because I’ve been there.

They say you teach what you need to learn. As a mediator, arbitrator and Ombudsman, I’ve studied hard and practiced the best deep communication and conflict techniques.  My experiences  helped me transform the old limiting messages about how to communicate or what a ‘businesswoman’ is supposed to do and release my fears about using my voice and being heard.

You know, the fears  of not being liked, loved, smart or  good enough.  I discovered how to speak my truth, calmly and kindly,  in my business and personal life.  I want to teach you how to do the same.  Because what happens when your self-awareness, compassion and resilience muscles are big and strong is very powerful- a life0 changer for sure.

Honestly, the world is a much more loving, generous place

When you know for a fact you can choose connection, communication and compassion to get past life’s roadblocks.   No one scares you.  Difficult, negative even the most challenging clients or colleagues become nothing more than a bug on the windshield because you  have the essential communication tools to creatively solve  about any problem,influence ethically and communicate effectively.  Your workday becomes peaceful and meaningful.

You can honor your own voice  in a kind way that doesn’t trash someone else or leave you feeling like  a jerk or an impostor. Sure, you might not have the skills (or bravery) right now, but that’s ok.  You will after we work together.  

 It’s your time to Be Heard & Prosper!

Do you see that it’s time to make a change?  You can do it.

The real result- the blessing-is that you create a work-life for yourself that makes you feel better about yourself and more confident with clients. And, you’re going to create a home life that’s nurturing and trusting. How sweet is that?

It’s not just about improving your own world, it’s about improving other’s worlds.  We are all here to serve.
That’s why speaking up does more than make your life better. It makes your world better.  It makes your kids’ world better.

If you are ready to grow your business and yourself by improving your emotional smarts, come on in!



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